Why You Should Try Healing Energy Treatments

The number one cause of all forms of disease is stress.  Stress causes the body to produce cortisol (the stress hormone) which sets off a chain of events that can lead to restlessness, headaches, anxiety, hypertension, and a variety of other serious physical problems.  Here at Reiki-Healing Touch we work with you to establish a comprehensive self-care regimen that will help you to manage your stress, which in turn provides your body the opportunity to self-heal.

“What if I’m already under a doctor’s care for my physical ailments? Should I stop seeing them?”

No.  Reiki, Healing Touch, Floatation and Aromatherapy are intended to be used as complementary treatments; meaning they are used along with whatever traditional treatment you are already receiving.  This allows the traditional treatment to be as effective as it possibly can, and allows your body to be open and receptive to all healing energies available to you.

“What can I expect from a typical session?”

After gathering basic information during a brief intake and providing consent you will lie, fully clothed on a massage table and be covered with a light blanket or sheet. Your practitioner will state an intention aloud and will commence working in your energetic space.  This involves light touch on, or hovering just off of the body. No manipulation of soft tissue is involved during a Reiki or Healing Touch session.

Most clients indicate that they experience deep relaxation, and many fall asleep during the session. Upon awakening clients often report that they experience reduced pain, less stress, anxiety, and other negative symptoms from which they have been seeking relief.

Most clients also report feeling better days after receiving a full treatment. By using thought, intention, and therapeutic touch your practitioner works with you to allow your body to self-heal by balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

Call or email today to book your complimentary, 30-minute mini treatment. Your body will thank you.

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peace and blessings,

Karen and Brian Lovejoy
Reiki-Healing Touch, Inc.