Welcome to Reiki-Healing Touch, Inc.!


After months of endless excitement, imagining and planning, we announce the birth of the Reiki-HealingTouch.com website.  As with any Great Project, there were struggles, setbacks, doubts and delays, BUT there was no roadblock great enough to stop our dream.

Twenty years ago, I went to the doctor with aches and pains.  The doctor inquired about my stress levels.  I explained to him I was really stressed.  Does this sound familiar?  I was single parent, juggling a full time job, two kids (and the sports activities for each), house, car, dog and bills galore and to top it off I was enrolled in a Master’s Program in the evening.

My doctor looked at me and said “STRESS WILL KILL YOU.”

He offered me no other solutions other than a pill for the symptoms (which didn’t help) and a series of tests (which were negative). This condition was just recently healed with Acupuncture and Energy Medicine, and I no longer have to take any medication.

We now know in 2017 that 90-95% of ALL ILLNESSES ARE CAUSED BY STRESS.

Our goal at R-HT is to educate you and offer you solutions to your Health problems by reducing your stress and relieving your pain from chronic and acute conditions.