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It was a blessing that I got introduced to energy healing through Brian. Since I had just started practicing mediation at that time, it was not very hard for me to keep my focus on single minded thoughts or my body while I was being healed. However, it did take me a first few sessions to fully realize the benefits of energy healing and the effects it had on my body, mind and soul. As a positive side effect, I felt that it amplified my focus and naturally improved my compassion and good positive vibes in my life, overall. I must say thanks to Brian for enhancing the quality of my life.
~ V. Vijaykumar


How do I put into words my newest, greatest find? Karen Lovejoy, Reiki Master, game changing, life enhancing and truly giving 100%, what the Reiki experience should be.

I have had nothing but positive results from my sessions/time with Karen. I'm calm, feel lighter. Do yourself a favor. Book your appointment today. I promise you'll never regret it.

~ S. Thompson


I found my Reiki experience supported a feeling of generalized peace and calm. Over thirty years ago, I had surgery on my left knee that resulted in everyday stiffness and pain.  Reiki provided 24 - 48 hour relief from that daily discomfort.
~ C. Oliver